Thank you for making Vaultfest 2015 a Success!!!

July 12, 2015, 11:09 PM

Last week Saturday I was lying down after a ten day trip to USATF Nationals and a family vacation in Eugene & Portland. As I did the stress and anxiety of the things to do yet for Vaultfest kept me awake long into the night. I hate to admit it, but thoughts of canceling came up more than once. I distinctly remember a firm decision to persevere before falling asleep after arguing with myself that it was a lot easier than some the other challenges I have overcome as an athlete.

When I woke up I was rested, but still nervous. Nervous I would fail. Nervous the event would not go well. Nervous we wouldn’t get the second runway built in time. Nervous we wouldn’t meet our fundraising goal. Nervous because we didn’t have enough volunteers to setup. I’m pretty sure the rest of the core staff felt similar, but they didn’t say anything. I knew we would all have to dig deep.

As I lay in bed now, after we overcame a flat tire, a vender providing ibeams 6″ taller and 4″ shorter than quoted, limited set-up, locked facilities with rollout runways and the elite pit inside, forgetting to put the t-shirt order in, having to overnight medals, a broken runway section during the competition, and some others I’ve thankfully now forgotten, I’m amazed.

Amazed at how blessed I am that God has enabled us to pull everything together. Amazed at how people worked tirelessly into the night to get set-up despite having limited help. Amazed that we crushed our $6,000 fundraising goal by raising over $10,000. Amazed at what a beautiful weekend it was. Amazed by how supportive my wife and kids were. Amazed at how come complimentary the elites were about the meet. Amazed at the great help we had taking down today.

I’m most amazed at how inadequate the words “thank you” are. There are so many people that have helped in tremendous ways I can’t name them here, but please please know I am delighted by the friendship you give me and your love for pole vault. Thank you, and good night – rest up because 2016 is going to be amazing!!!


Jason Shimko
Founder, GetVertical PV