Who will show up to the MKE Vault Fest?

Based on past years, we expect to have about 100 athletes compete as amateurs at the Milwaukee Vaultfest. We are also targeting an elite competition of 10 athletes.  This will bring over 400 people to downtown Milwaukee for the event.

How high will the amateur athletes jump at the MKE Vaultfest?

GetVertical PV has had more than 50 athletes stand on the podium at the state and national level. Similarly, we expect this event to draw top caliber pole vaulters of all ages from across the Midwest.  These athletes will range in abilities jumping between 6′ and 16′.

Competition flight assignments are determined based on age and pole vault seed height.  Final assignments will be posted two days prior to the event.

What if it rains?

Vaultfest will communicate to participants in the event of inclement weather that the event has been postponed to our rain-date, July 23.

How many amateur athletes will compete in this event?!

We have two runways and two pole vault pits that will be set up for competition. We will be running two flights of athletes concurrently. Each flight will be limited to ~17 athletes. Competition flight assignments will be determined based on age and pole vault height.

What will opening height be for the elite competition?

Opening height for the elite men will be at 17′ (5.18m). Opening height for the elite women will be at 13′ (4.0m).

What prizes will you give out?

Prizes for the top amateur winners will include a free MKE Vaultfest tee shirt.  The top three places will receive medals

There will be $5,000 distributed for the elite competition, with first place for both the male and female competitions winning $1,000.

What type of amenities will be provided?

We are still working out the details, but we will plan on having at least one food truck on site.  There will be porta-potties available for use also.

The event is held in downtown Milwaukee, close distance from great food and drink.

Water coolers will be provided for staff use only.

The event will feature a gear store, complete will Vaultfest and GVPV apparel and souvenirs. MKE Vaultfest shirts will be available for pre-sale with your registration.

Seating will not be provided. There will be ample room surrounding each pit for picnic style gathering. Please bring your own blanket and lawn chairs.

Please be courteous and properly dispose of all trash.

Where can I park?

There is limited parking in the lot adjacent to the rugby field. Additional parking is located along Lincoln Memorial Dr.  All parking is free during the weekend.


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  1. Hello,
    This is Luke Winder, I was hoping to compete in the elite section of the MKE vault fest Saturday. I have a PR of 5.52m but cannot seem to figure out how to sign up. Would you be able to help with this?
    Thank you!
    Luke Winder

  2. Hello I ordered an MKE Vault Fest shirt when I competed there this year. And I haven’t gotten it yet. I was wondering who I would ask about that

      1. Sorry it took us longer to make these – they are in the works and will get them to you shortly!

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